Website Design

Like the infographic CV below I wanted something to grab the attention of future employers. Seeing as I'm doing a course in web and iOS design I thought why not make my own website. Making this website can show people I am fully capable of designing and coding a website together and not just hosting it on WordPress. I still use my WordPress to blog about my steps of working but my website is more for my final finished work to show to potential employers.

May, 2017

Branding Myself

Graduate fair is next month and I have to have some business cards out to promote myself and get my name into the industry. I Love marble and copper to the point my Laptop, Watch, necklace and sometimes even my nails are Marble and copper. I then thought to brand myself to this. I looked at making my business card and found a company that do a metallic finish to make the copper stand out on my cards. I then put a marble background. on the back I was able to add all of my details and make some business cards I’m proud off. When I had finished I thought that at the fair it would be nice to have a Book or notepad for people to write down details if they wanted to to contact them. Finally, I thought to have some pens to complete the look and finally have all my branding finished for the Graduate fair.

May, 2017

Placement @ LoveLove Films

As part of my course I had to find myself a placement in the industry. I did my placement LoveLove Films, a Production company in Bournemouth. During my 4 weeks here I did a range of tasks from researching to doing my own projects for them company. An example of this is above. I had to cut out and create a stop motion for Easter. as you can see above the final stop motion I had created, I started by designing how I wanted it to look on Photoshop and then started cutting them out and arranging it all on the floor. After all of the cutting and sticking I then got a Camera and took all of the images. I then imported the images into premier pro and added some text to wish people a happy Easter. I then stapled the paper together to make a decoration for the office.

April, 2017

Finished my Dissertation

Final Year means a 10,000 Words Dissertation! My Dissertation was Titled "To what extent does a digital footprint put online users at risk by sharing their information?". I thought this was an interesting subject as we are becoming more and move observed as the world becomes more digital. I found it fascinating learning about Edward Snowden in more depth and also learning how this effects us on a day to day basis. Although I liked learning more about this subject I am glad that it is now over.

August, 2016

Back-Packing Around Europe

Just before my 2nd Year at university had ended, I had just over a month in-between my houses in Bournemouth meaning I would have to go home. This isn’t the worst thing however my parents live in the countryside with no internet signal, so not much to do and no transport out. I then thought to go on a holiday in Europe, I didn’t care where I just didn’t want to be bored at home. When looking where to travel, I found that you could buy a train ticket that allows you to travel throughout the whole of Europe. Me and my Friend from High School thought this would be an amazing plan for our summer. I then planned to get to Paris for as cheap as possible as the ticket don’t count in your home country. We got to Paris for only £16 and then set the train ticket to start 2 days later. Within the 22days in which the Train ticket was Valid we travelled to and from - Paris, Colmar, Lucerne, Malian, Venice, Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Malmo, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Antwerp and finally Brussels. We then spent 2 extra days in Brussels until we travelled home for only £12. This was an amazing experienced and as much as I love having my hair straighteners and all the unnecessary items It was kind of fun just travelling with a backpack and hoping on a train to and wake up somewhere new. I will always love this experience and hope to do it again soon.

August, 2016

Info Mapping

A mini task in class today we had to design a map of a route we make. I then thought to make my route for my trip back home from University. I thought to just trace the route from a map of there the train takes me. I then started adding drawings from each stop the train takes. I didn’t like this design as there was too much space on the page. I then got all the images I draw and staked them on top of each other. I then thought that each station has a 3 letter name. I then wrote this in the background to make the photos stand out more. This now fills up the space and looks quite cool to show my travel home or travel to University.

March, 2016

Infographic CV

In class, we talked about CVs and what is good and bad for a CV... We were asked to get our CV and destroy it to make it ugly. I then changed text colour, size, and fonts. Also adding in Clipart and borders. It was truly terrible but after this, we were asked to make a pretty CV. This was when I started to apply some design to my CV to stand out and look good. It is also different so it will stand out from other CVs. I added my personal details, skills, and my interests to show more about myself.

March, 2016

Travelling to Tokyo, Japan

This is a photograph of me in Japan wearing a traditional Japanese dress called a Kimono. This isn't technically a project or my work in any way. But my own personal project and enjoyment are visiting different country's and experiencing their different cultures. Traveling to me is very inspiring to myself. This is a goal of mine to travel the world and learn more throughout my journeys.

Jan, 2016

Infographic Poster

For my University Project, I had to create an Infographic Poster using Illustrator. I choose the topic of ' My Facebook Friends'. I then had to make a posted based on my choice. I then looked at all my Facebook Friends and sorted them in lots of different orders but the best order was the time in which I had met that friend. After looking though many Ideas I then thought to make a family tree of all my friends. I made a tree and then thought to change it to blue like Facebook and the circuit board for the branches and the truck as this is my network with my friends. I then colour coded the tree and the darker the blue the longer I have known that friend. I also added a key on the poster. Above you can see the final image and below that image is my poster been placed up on the wall in University

Jan, 2015

After Effects

Playing around with After Effects for the first time so I had some tests to see what I was able to do with this program. First, I made an Alice in Wonderland quote saying 'If I had the world on my own, everything would be nonsense. I made this so that all the words would do different things one after the other. I then got a snowy image and made it snow on top of the image as if it was snowing. My Wheel of Wonder is a bit mad. I managed to draw a shape and then make it spin and have sparkles spin from out of the circle. Finally, I had a video of me in class that I green screened. This was so I could place myself on TV and get rid of my background. I also added some text on the side. This was to get used to after effects and see some of the things it can do

Dec, 2014


Starting off at university and already getting down to the code. This is my first involvement with Coding. Here I got my program to draw some circles in different sizes and colours in random places on the page. I also did a random number of circles and that is why the top one has a lot more than the bottom image.

Oct, 2014

Work Project

This was a personal project of mine. My boss at work was leaving and because she was an amazing boss I wanted her to remember me and my crew that worked for her. I had a small weekend/holiday job of cleaning canal boats. While cleaning a boat one day I found a Pirate hat and sword on board. As these were never claimed I often wore them about to put a smile on people faces. Seeing as my boss was leaving I went around and made all my cleaning crew to wear the hat and take a photo for a farewell college. This was a cute project of my own and made my boss smile. Since then I too have left but my image still hangs in the office.

Aug, 2014

The Challenge - NCS

One of my most interesting experiences was getting myself in the National Citizen service. This was 2-month program during the summer helping the community and environment. Including team building activities from climbing mountains in the lake district to putting together an event to help a local charity.

Aug, 2011

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