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About Me

I am an eager to learn person, who is interested in Web and IOS Development, I have just compleated my study at Bournemouth University. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in Digital Media Design. I grew up in a small village in the countryside with a dream of living in a big city one day. I studied Interactive Media at Warwickshire College in Leamington Spa. This was where I learnt my passion for graphic design could be used for more interesting opportunities, thus I was able to transform my ideas into Digital Design. I also really enjoy travelling and hope to travel to various corners of the world. As you may see, the photograph behind is from when I had visited Tokyo in Japan, and all further photos used are from my travels around the world so far.


Bournemouth University - Digital Media Design

Throughout this course I have been developing my skills with Web and IOS Development, as well as understanding the aesthetics, theory and business of design to prepare myself for work as a future-facing digital media designer. The course is project led and based, meaning I can involve myself with my work through solving practical problems that occur in day-to-day life. To do this, I have expanded my knowledge in using different software packages and coding languages.

Warwickshire College - Art and Design Foundation / Interactive Media

During my time at college, I was able to see a world not solely based around academic study, but a place where I was able to embrace my love for design and thinking outside the box that I was unable to escape from while in High School. During this course I covered many topics that have extended my knowledge in the media world.

Events and Experiences

Throughout my life, I have always included myself in new and exciting events to gain more skills and experience. A few experiences I got involved with were ...

- National Citizen Service, a 2-month program during the summer of 2011, helping the community and the environment.

- Festivals and Concerts, seeing famous bands like Green Day live and learning how to not shower for a week in a muddy field.

- Moved to Bournemouth, moving away from home can be sad but I really enjoyed making my new life away from home.

- Travelling, from Los Angeles to Tokyo, I have travelled and enjoyed learning about new cultures.

- Inter-railing, 1 Train Ticket, 22 Days, 15 Cities, 11 Countries and 1 Backpack.

- Flew a Plane, for my birthday a friend took me to fly a plane simulator in Frankfurt, Germany, as you can see in the photo to the left.

Personal Strengths and Experience

I have a hardworking and motivated attitude towards my work and tend to be a quick learner when presented with new challenges. I am confident in working with a goal-oriented team and I am adaptive to new environments and solving tasks while being creatively focused.

Key Skills

CSS / HTML / SWIFT / PHP/ JavaScript / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Premire Pro / Adobe After Effects / Wordpress / GitHub

Previous Work

Starbucks, Barista

WDS, Tesco Mobile Technical Support

Calcutt Boats


My interests include travelling to new exciting places, as it opens your eyes to exploring and discovering new things, as well as experiencing different cultures. It is also nice to take a step out of life and relax, simply enjoying the thrill of not knowing what is going to happen next.

While travelling or just out and about in my own town, I enjoy messing around with a camera and taking photos of landscapes and objects that interest me.

Another interest of mine would be music. This is because music makes me happy and lets me think more, which motivates me and lets my creativity flow.

Coffee isn't exactly an interest but it is something I am very fond of. It tastes good and you can bond over a coffee, inviting you to lots of new opportunities.

Lastly, I love brain teasing puzzles as I like to solve problems and these puzzles really provide me with a challenge.

Contact me

Email: tinasabine95@gmail.com

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