Biteable Application

Biteable is a Dietary scanning IOS application I have recently been working on for my University Graduate Project. I wanted to make this application because one of my Housemates are Vegetarian and I always forget what food items contain Meat. I then though this must be an issue to others who have to cater to dietary needs. I thought a simple barcode scanning application with a Database would easily fix this issue. So now all you need is an item of food with a barcode, Scan with the application and look to see if you or a friend is able to eat it. For more information, you can visit the applications Website.

Biteable Website »

August, 2017

LoveLove Application

LoveLove Films is a production company here in Bournemouth. We received a live brief from them to create a website or application to have them promote who they are at events and at schools. After some planning and discussion, we then planned to make a scrolling application as if the user is walking though LoveLove’s office and you can tap and interact with different items in the office. We pitched the idea to LoveLove who LoveLoved the idea. However, they wanted it able to skip to different pages which we adapted to by making it with a tab bar. We then for the duration of the project kept in close contact with love love making sure they liked the work we have been doing. Then at then end we was able to hand the project over to LoveLove to use for themselves.

May, 2016

Balloons Application

This was my first IOS app I have made. I first looked into what I wanted to build by making designs and concept to show. After presenting my idea of a world having a Balloon Apocalypse and this app is here to help to survive and record stories of what is happening. I then made this into an ISO app had a Geo Cached data so you could only access it when in the correct location.

Jan, 2016

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