This is a website used to promote and inform users about a IOS application that I have created. The application is a Dietary scanning application to help users know what foods contains they are able to eat with certain dietary needs. This is a simple Parallax website with some nice images to show of my application and the tools it can be used for. If you wish to take a look you can by clicking the button below.

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May, 2017

REDESIGN of My Portfolio

University is coming to an end and I need a nicer and up to date website. So a Re-Design Is called for mainly on this portfolio site as I hate the fact I didn’t make all of the code. So I started on my homepage with some updates in information and added new photographs from places I’ve traveled and make it less broken as it wasn’t working 100% on chrome. I then have branded myself currently with Marble and copper so I thought my header and footer can match my branding and make my site look good. I then moved onto the portfolio. This was a train Wreak and I just pressed Delete and start again. This time I thought to do the same as my homepage and brand it with marble and copper but have a simple grey background. This is because users can clearly see my work and not be distracted from the background. It took me a while to think how I want to present my work on the page and I’m still a bit unsure, however in the end the 1st page has a slideshow of my best work, workings and me with my work. Followed by some text and all of my links. I like that this is clean and nice to look at. I also made a sort of Nav bar so that the user is able to choose what area of work they are wanting to view. E.g if you want to see my website skills you might not want to see my IOS work. All my work is sorted into these categories and followed by my links as you can see by how this page is laid out.

May, 2017


After making a nicer looking website I realized I haven’t but any of my work on the home page and thought I need to create a portfolio page, and quick because I was interviewing for a placement in a week and I wanted a nice neat website to show all of my work on. I then used a Tumblr template and adapted it to fit my own needs, however this limited what I was able to do in the end but still allowed me to display all my work on to show employers.

May, 2016

Website Design

Like the infographic CV below I wanted something to grab the attention of future employers. Seeing as I'm doing a course in web and iOS design I thought why not make my own website. Making this website can show people I am fully capable of designing and coding a website together and not just hosting it on WordPress. I still use my WordPress to blog about my steps of working but my website is more for my final finished work to show to potential employers.

April, 2016

Making a Portfolio Website

I want a website portfolio so that people can come visit my website and find the work I have done. So I thought to make a website to show I can code a website and use it as an example. However, I had no idea what would make a good website. I wanted to stand out a little and not be boring like others. I then thought to draw out my desk and allow users to interact with my desk. Have the notes be all my workings, the computer can be my best work and the coffee for my extra work. As time went by I got my website up and running, But I didn’t like my design the best and knew an Update will need to be soon.

Feb, 2016

The Rico Brothers

This was a big collaborative project with other students on different courses to create a channel 4 Blarp. We were in a group with 2 Scriptwriters, 3 TV production, 2 Digital Media Design and 1 Radio student. We then came together to place our ideas for what we are going to make. the Scriptwriters then wrote the script for the TV production students to film and also the Radio to Record. After all the content was made I then placed it all together on a parallax website that told the life of the Rico Brothers.

June, 2015

Turtle Talks

This was my first group project at University so I was really excited to make this website that had to include online databases so users can log in and create their own content on the page. I and my Friend Darlene Buttner got together to come up with different ideas for this website. After some time, we came to making an anonymous posting website that we ended up called Turtle Talks. This website opened on a login/sign up page. After signing in you come to the posting page where the page welcomes you. You are also able to post anonymous posts on the page and it will say how long ago it was posted, by what gender and wherein Bournemouth the post was sent from. You can also delete your own posts and even your account. Finally, there are pages to search posts, sort by area and also a page about the group that made the page.

April, 2015

My First Website

Okay Okay this don’t seem like a lot to be happy for, So why am I putting this on my Portfolio? Well This is how it all started! this was the making of my passion for Web Design. The feeling I got when writing down some text made colourful blocks appear on a page, more so when you have tried a hundred times before. And NOW IT WORKS! It makes the day feel good, so this is where I started and now I’m typing up this whole website! I’ve come a far way and with coding you may think your getting nowhere but little by little the errors you keep finding come common knowledge to you.

March, 2015

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